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ACCIO - Ravenclaw Common Room

Ravenclaw Common Room
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This is the Ravenclaw House Common Room of Accio Sorting Hat, located in Ravenclaw Tower. Everything else is TOP SECRET! So unless you are sharp, imaginative, clever, and smart then you are not allowed in! If you are a new member that has just been sorted then scroll down for further instructions and refer to this post to get familiar with how things work in our nest: http://community.livejournal.com/accioclaw/290.html

Official Suggestion, Complaints & Ideas Post

Embrosia bohemianvanity

Abby starsniper

Maaike maaiker

You Claws can fly!

1.) Have fun! These are your companions and this is your home sweet home. The common room is the place to get together, throw a party, and be yourself! So enjoy this special place. It is, after all, where you belong.

2.) Keep house bashing to an absolute minimum. Yes, one of the best aspects about your house common room is that it is private but that does not mean it should be a place where bad spirits are allowed to fester. Have good sportsmanship, even against rivals and amongst your fellow housemates.

3.) A mandatory roll call in every house is to take place the first Sunday of every month. If it happens to fall on a holiday HOHs will be informed as to when the roll call has been rescheduled.

4.) New members are required to fill out and post the introduction slip in their common room. A separate post in the Great Hall is optional and its content is up to the LJ user.

5.) Debating is encouraged. Arguing is discouraged. It is one thing to debate a topic in a mature and intellectual way. It is QUITE another to put down someone's beliefs, values and opinions like an ignorant git.

6.) All entries are to be friends only. Having a common room with such privacy is a privilege, not a right. Do not abuse this rule.

7.) You must notify your HOH when going on a hiatus. Fill out the Hiatus Slip located in your House User Info. You must make a simple notification as well announcing your return.

8.) If you do not sign in after two roll calls you will be removed from the house. Re-admittance is only allowed through HM approval.



Expelled Members



All new members MUST fill this intro slip out and post it in the common room upon being sorted into this house!

When someone has been stamped as sorted into a house at acciosortinghat they are not considered an offical member until they have posted their Intro-Slip in their common room. Only offical members are recorded during Roll Calls. Members that are stamped as sorted into a house in the main sorting community and have joined their common room but not posted an Intro-Slip have one month to do so or they will be removed from the common room sub-community. They will be notified of this change by their Head of House and can be readmitted after they have contacted the Headmistress.


Any member going on hiatus MUST post this slip in the common room to notify the Head of House of an absence. When you return from hiatus a simple post announcing return must me made as well.

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